Challenges and necessity of further research on adult professional education in polish-ukrainian cooperation
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Instytut Oświaty Pedagogicznej i Oświaty Dorosłych im. Iwana Ziaziuna Narodowej Akademii Nauk Pedagogicznych Ukrainy
Publication date: 2024-02-20
Edukacja Ustawiczna Dorosłych 2023;120(1)
This article presents the results of a pedagogical research, which objective was to find out what educating for peace implies in socioeconomic conditions of vigilant capitalism, through a documentary-bibliographic study. The authors found that the new socioeconomic conditions (vigilant capitalism) require the development of educational principles to deal with the phenomena of structural violence, aggression, consumerism, loss of values. Around this task, the efforts of educational researchers are combined. In their work, they rely on the works of different schools of thought of the twentieth century, based on dialectical philosophy and neo-Marxism. The objective is to erect non-political education (outside ideologies), non-linear, horizontal, without hierarchies and positioning, without dominance and submission, flexible, affordable, that privileges intercultural communication and logical pluralism, develops equitable interrelation and interaction, where the student-subject builds his own systems of ideas, knowledge, theories, learns to “overcome the limits”, transgress the borders to know the Other.
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