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The reviewing process considers the recommendations of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education developed by the scientific ethics committee and presented in the publication “Good practices in review procedures in science” (2011).

Initial analysis
  • the articles are subject to initial assessment by the editor-in-chief. In the event of non-compliance with the journal's profile or failure to meet the journal’s requirements, the articles are returned to the authors,
  • articles pre-qualified for publication are sent to thematic editors, who organise the reviewing process,
  • the editor-in-chief accepts the choice of two external reviewers that have no conflict of interest with the author/authors of the article,
  • in case of articles in foreign languages at least one of the reviewers is affiliated with a foreign institution other than the nationality of the author,
  • after obtaining the consent for peer-review, the secretary of the editorial board provides the reviewers with individual articles, sets of articles for a particular section or the entire issue together with the review form,

Reviewing process
  • the double blind rule applies – the reviewer does not know who the author of the reviewed text is and the author does not know who is reviewing the text. It takes approximately 30 days,
  • two positive reviews are required to qualify the article for publication,
  • the review is submitted in writing or electronically. It must contain clear information about whether the article has been approved for publication or has been rejected,
  • if an article requires significant changes, it is returned to the author and then peer reviewed by the same reviewer. In disputes, the editorial board appoints additional reviewers,
  • the name of the reviewer is confidential; it may be disclosed at the author's request (only with the reviewer’s consent),

Cooperation with authors
  • authors receive both reviews for inspection,
  • authors should submit revised articles within 30 days of receiving the reviews,

Final comments
  • names of all reviewers of the “Journal of Continuing Education” quarterly are published once a year in the paper and electronic form,
  • if you wish to review an event or publication, please send your text to the "Conferences, reviews, information" section.
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