Polish Botanical Society is the most prestigious and historically the oldest association of Plant Scientists in Poland. Its origins reach to the times when Poland, partitioned for almost 150 years by foreign powers, regained freedom as a sovereign state in 1918. Shortly afterwards, in April of 1922, the extraordinary Convention of Botanists in Warsaw led by most prominent Polish specialists in plant biology decided to establish the Society and elected Professor Bolesław Hryniewiecki for its first president.

The main goal of The Society is to promote the development of plant science, to increase the proficiency level of its members, and to meet through its scientific activity the expectations and needs of Polish culture and economy. The Society is also strongly committed to popularize plant science in Poland and abroad.

Today the Society is active in its 15 regional divisions and 15 sections representing different fields of plant science. It publishes 5 profiled scientific publications. The most prominent among them are:

  • Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae
  • Acta Agrobotanica
  • Acta Mycologica
  • Monographiae Botanicae

The highest authority holder in the Society is General Assembly of Representatives of its ca. 1000 members. It meets every third year. The last, 57th meeting took place in Lublin in 2016.

Polish Botanical Society

Sources of Support

The journal is edited with financial assistance of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

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