Selected aspects of decision-making in crisis situations. A case study
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AGH w Krakowie
Publication date: 2024-02-20
Edukacja Ustawiczna Dorosłych 2023;120(1)
This article is a study of research on factors influencing decision-making under risk. An important management competence is the ability to make rational decisions. In reality, however, decisions are made with limited rationality or using heuristic methods. The right decisions are the basic factor affecting the condition of an enterprise and determining its development. Typically, the decisions made are influenced by the decision-maker's personality, experience and emotions. However, in professional life, decisions are also influenced by formal and legal regulations and rules as well as the rules and methodology adopted in a particular company. By confronting the ways in which decisions are made in both professional and personal life, it is possible to infer the tendencies that drive decision-makers. The article presents the results of an extensive literature analysis on governance and the influence of personality on decisionmaking. In the research part, a survey of a selected group of people was conducted and the results obtained were analysed comparatively in relation to the gender of the respondents. The results showed a greater tendency for men to take risks. Women were better at assessing the consequences of their decisions. Both women and men were cautious in estimating risks in professional decisions.
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