Methodological aspects of the evaluation of the validation and certification process of market qualifications in the Integrated Qualifications System
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Łukasiewicz – Instytut Technologii Eksploatacji
Publication date: 2024-02-23
Edukacja Ustawiczna Dorosłych 2023;123(4)
The article presents the experience of more than 6 years of activity of an external quality assurance entity, i.e. the Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute for Sustainable Technologies (Ł-ITEE) in the field of conducting monitoring and evaluation services for the benefit of ministers of the relevant validation and certification of market qualifications, in accordance with the requirements of the Act on the Integrated Qualifications System (IQS). Cooperation with many awarding bodies (IBs) involved in the functioning of the IQS in Poland, a significant number and thematic diversity of market qualifications for which the Ł-ITEE performed the function of the EQAE, prompts reflection and consideration on the selection of methods and tools used in external evaluation of the processes of validation and certification of market qualifications, the functioning of selected market qualifications in the IQS, as well as an attempt to formulate recommendations concerning the further functioning of the IQS in Poland.
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