Focus and Scope

Acta Mycologica is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research articles as well as review articles, short communications, and checklists in all areas of mycology, including fungus-like organisms (slime moulds, oomycetes, etc.), with respect to various ecosystems. Specifically, the journal covers:

  • ecology, taxonomy, conservation, and systematics of fungi,
  • fungal physiology, biochemistry, molecular genetics,
  • fungus–plant (pathogens, mycorrhizas, lichens, endophytes), fungus–animal, and fungus–microbe interactions,
  • applied aspects of mycology in forestry, agriculture, and biotechnology,
  • global and local distribution of fungi (s. l.) and their biogeography.

Reviews of books related to mycology and in memoriam are also welcome.

Checklists section is dedicated to provide access to the comprehensive data on distribution of specific fungal taxa in a given area (e.g., continent, country, region, etc.). Authors are encouraged to provide geographic coordinates of the localities listed in the checklist. Critically analyzed and mainly literature-based, as well as own distributional data should be summarized in the papers. However, the section is not aimed to focus on complex analyses of the results and conclusions. These are meant to be presented together with original data in original research papers.
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