Valuation of Çorum Alpagut waste lignite fines
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Middle East Technical University
Publication date: 2001-01-01
Physicochem. Probl. Miner. Process. 2001;35(1):171–180
The fine fraction having171.2 % -0.1mm particles in the Çorum Alpagut Lignite Mine of Turkish Coal Enterprises not only causes economical losses, but also is an important environmental hazard source since this fraction is pumped and accumulated in the slime ponds around the region. The amount collected in those ponds can be neither marketed nor removed away. Consequently, the fine fraction problem in Çorum Alpagut Dodurga Lignite Mine appears to be the most important disadvantage for the plant. To overcome this problem, this fine fraction coal which comprises of approximately 20 % of the total washed coal, should be concentrated to obtain a marketable product with acceptable calorific and ash values. For this purpose concentration experiments including Humphrey Spiral and Shaking Table have been carried out with these fine fractions taken from the cyclones and thickener that are currently in operation in the coal washery of the plant. As a result of those studies, all the concentration methods have proved to be effective, producing a concentrate with a considerable calorific value increase and an acceptable ash percentage. The combustion kinetics and properties of those fractions have also been determined by thermogravimetric methods and the results of the concentration studies have been supported with the combustion kinetic values of fractions and their products.