Micro-floatability of rutile and zircon with soap and amine type collectors
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Department of Mining Engineering, Middle East Technical University
Publication date: 2001-01-01
Physicochem. Probl. Miner. Process. 2001;35(1):161-170
Single-mineral floatability of pure, heavy sand rutile and zircon minerals using sodium oleate and hydrogenated tallow amine acetate as collectors was studied by a micro-flotation device over a wide pH range from 2 to 12, at three levels of the collectors and two levels of a polypropylene glycol type frother. Rutile yielded a peak foatability at pH 6 with sodium oleate, and floated reasonably well over a wide pH range from 2 to 8 with the amine collector. An abrupt deterioration of the floatability of rutile was observed at pH>8. The maximal floatability range for zircon was from pH 6 to 10, followed by a sharp decrease at pH>10, with both of the collectors. The floatability of zircon decreased sharply with decreasing pH in the acidic medium, below pH 6. The results were discussed in view of collector species distribution as a function of pH to suggest adsorption mechanisms for the collectors. The upper critical flotation pH values for the minerals seemed to be sufficiently distinct to suggest a potential for the differential flotation of the minerals in the alkaline medium with both of the collectors tested.
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