Effects of frothers and particle size on the flotation kinetics of the Jameson Cell
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Dumlupinar University
Publication date: 2020-08-01
Corresponding author
Oktay Sahbaz   

Dumlupinar University
Physicochem. Probl. Miner. Process. 2020;56(5):829-838
Determination of the flotation kinetic is crucial for optimization, simulation, and plant design for flotation processes. Even though there are many studies carried out to clarify the kinetic properties of the conventional flotation cells, there is not enough detailed study about the Jameson cell which is used more than 300 plants but no application in Turkey yet. One of the most important parameters affects the kinetic of flotation is a frother. The effects of common frothers on the kinetic of Jameson cell can be crucial due to the possible further application of the cell in European and Turkish flotation industries. The present study was performed out to reveal the kinetic properties of the Jameson cell by using both pure quartz and coal particles. Besides, the effects of three different types of frothers on the kinetic of the Jameson cell were investigated for various particles sizes. According to the results, aliphatic alcohol type frother (MIBC) provided higher recovery for fine particles, while polypropylene glycol type frother (AF65) gave a better ability to float medium and coarse size particles. Additionally, the results show that the Jameson cell was four times faster than the mechanical cell for medium size while the ratio was three times for coarse particles. Lastly AF65 can be used for flotation of coarse particles in the Jameson cell while MIBC can be preferred for fines.
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