Effect of pyrite type on the electrochemistry of chalcopyrite/pyrite interactions
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Corresponding author
Elizaveta Forbes Forbes   

CSIRO, 3/42 Webster Street, Malvern East, 3145 Malvern East, Australia
Physicochem. Probl. Miner. Process. 2018;54(4):1116-1129
Pyrite is the most common sulphide gangue mineral occurring in base metal sulphide ores around the world. Pyrite is known to galvanically interact with valuable minerals such as chalcopyrite, altering their electrochemical and flotation behaviour. Different types of pyrite are known to vary in texture, chemical composition and electrochemical activity. However, the effect that these differences have on the degree of pyrite interaction with chalcopyrite are not well studied. This work examines two distinct types of pyrite from different deposits that have a similar chemical composition, but vary greatly in texture. It investigates the way in which these pyrites interact with chalcopyrite surfaces, affecting both its electrochemical behaviour and floatability. It was found that the Renison pyrite was characterised by a much higher level of surface activity than the Huanzala pyrite. This was attributed to the elevated levels of arsenic within the mineral’s crystalline matrix.
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