Study on gas holdup characteristics of micro-bubble countercurrent contacting flotation column
Ran Li 1
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North China University of Science and Technology
Mining Development and Safety Technology Key Lab of Hebei Province, China
Jikang Han   

North China University of Science and Technology
Publication date: 2020-06-22
Physicochem. Probl. Miner. Process. 2020;56(4):665–675
In order to explore the gas holdup distribution of the microbubble countercurrent contact flotation column in the hematite column cationic reverse flotation process, respectively using conductance method and pressure drop method for air and water as experimental medium characteristics research of flotation column, the research group carries on the gas holdup, examines the aeration quantity, the fill medium and cation collector alkyl polyamine ether (An amine collector―GE-609 which consists of four elements: carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen)within the column on the influence of the axial and radial gas holdup. The results show that the axial gas holdup from the bottom of the column to the top of the column increases with the increase of height in the range of 0.05-0.07dm3/s. The radial distribution of gas holdup generally shows the distribution law of “intermediate high, low on both sides”. After the filling medium is added into the column, the radial gas holdup is evenly distributed compared with the empty column, and the gas holdup is increased. Due to the high foaming performance of GE-609, the gas holdup in the column can be increased by changing the amount of aeration and the concentration of the reagent, which can exceed 60% at the maximum. Like other alcohol foaming agents, as time passes, the effect of GE-609 weakens and the gas holdup in the column gradually decreases. The addition of quantitative HCl can improve the foaming performance of GE-609, and the gas holdup in the column is significantly improved and the stability is enhanced.