Special Issue of PPMP Journal in honour of Professor Mehmet S. ÇELIK
Special Issue of PPMP Journal in honour of Professor Mehmet S. ÇELIK

Professor Çelik is the group leader in Flotation and Surface and Colloid Chemistry labs at Istanbul Technical University (ITU). His research interests include surface and colloid chemistry of flotation and flocculation, the interaction of mineral particles with surfactants and polymers, rheology of mineral suspensions, electrokinetics and adsorption leading to interaction forces of particles and mineral-based product development. He is presently a consultant to a flotation process development for rare earth minerals where the majority of minerals are liberated at minus 10 microns. He has diverse international collaborations with Columbia University, Pennsylvania State University, Virginia Polytechnic & SU, University of Utah. He is currently managing a project on heterocoagulation of mineral particles in flotation systems.

Recently, Prof. Çelik has been honored with the 2021 TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) Prestigious Science Award given to scientists with their significant contributions to science at the international level.

To honour 40 years of scientific work of Professor Çelik, the topics of interest of this special issue should include;
• Impact of particle morphology (shape, roughness, and surface properties) on flotation
• Flotation mechanisms of industrial minerals
• Surface chemistry of minerals and physicochemical problems of flotation processes
• Discussions on wettability, surface tension/energy, contact angle and zeta potential measurements
• Adsorption mechanisms of ionic and nonionic surfactants; kinetics, and thermodynamic aspects
• Industrial and fundamental challenges of clay minerals in flotation processes
• Developments in frothers and their effect on flotation performance
• Hydrodynamic properties and gas dispersion in mechanical, column and pneumatic flotation cells
• Particle-bubble interactions and their influences on flotation kinetics
• Key challenges related to floatability of semi-soluble and soluble minerals
• Fresh and circulating water compositions and their impacts on selective separation
• Ultrasonic- and nanobubble-assisted flotation processes
• Recent advances in coal flotation
• Implications of XDLVO theory on flotation

The submitted papers, written in English, should only contain original works, which have not been previously published (or being under consideration for publication elsewhere). In the case of material that has been already presented at a conference and published in conference proceedings, it should be extended by at least 30% of the new technical/experimental contribution. Authors of such contributions are requested to attach to their special issue submission the original already published article, and to summarize the new contribution/additions in the special issue submission.

The manuscript should be submitted through the online Editorial System available at http://www.editorialsystem.com/ppmp, showing, in Manuscript type, that this is a special issue submission. You should also suggest the names of potential reviewers for your paper. The submitted papers should follow the general rules of the Physicochemical Problems of Mineral Processing articles. A detailed submission guideline can be found at: http://www.journalssystem.com/ppmp/

All papers will be peer-reviewed by at least two independent reviewers. The papers will be published in Volume 58(5), September 2022.

All articles in this special issue will be published in full open access and free of charge (no article processing charge (APC) will be applied).

An invitation email from the editors is required for the submission of the paper to this special issue

Important Dates

Full paper submission due: June 30, 2022
Paper acceptance decision due: August 31, 2022
Publication: September 1, 2022 (5 Issue of PPMP)

Best Regards,

Prof. Orhan Ozdemir (Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa)
Prof. Oktay Sahbaz (Kutahya Dumlupinar University)
Dr. Ahmad Hassanzadeh (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

Editors of Physicochemical Problems of Mineral Processing (PPMP)

PS: Requests for additional information should be addressed to:
orhanozdemir@iuc.edu.tr; oktay.sahbaz@dpu.edu.tr; ahmad.hassanzadeh@ntnu.no