Review Process
1. The article submitted for publication is preliminarily assessed by editors. In some particular cases the editorial office may consult a certain member of the editorial advisory board.

2. If the article meets the substantive and formal criteria, it is sent to the two independent external reviewers (dditors appoints two external reviewers).

3. According to the ‘double-blind review process’ the anonymity of the author and the reviewer is maintained. In the case of conflicting assessments, the editors may decide to accept or decline the article for publishing or to appoint a third reviewer, whose opinion will be conclusive.

4. The review is to be performed in writing and contain an unambiguous conclusion regarding admission or rejection of the article.

5. The author is notified of the outcome of the reviewing process by the editorial office and receives a copy of the reviews. The author is obliged to respond to the reviewers’ comments within the prescribed period.

6. The list of all reviewers cooperating with Contributions to Humanities is available on the journal's website.

7. The final decision to accept or reject articles is made by the editor-in-chief.