Parameters and methods for evaluation of lignite processing method into biogas
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KGHM Cuprum Ltd. Reserch and Development Centre
Oil and Gas Institute - National Research Institute, Cracow
Publication date: 2020-02-25
Corresponding author
Agnieszka Szubert   

KGHM Cuprum Ltd. Reserch and Development Centre
Physicochem. Probl. Miner. Process. 2020;56(2):396-405
In the article parameters of lignite organic matter conversion into biogas are collated and verified in terms of the process evaluation and control. Possibilities and limitations of usage of the parameters for this type of the process are also indicated. The following parameters were selected: a gas amount and its quality, isotope analysis of the gas produced, measurement of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) in biomass-free liquid media, presence of the VFA (volatile fatty acids) and other possible intermediates of the process in liquid medium, pH, as well as (not discussed in this article) microbiological analyses. On the basis of experiments of Polish lignite biogasification, examples of application of these parameters in laboratory scale for identification of the biodegradation lignite reactions occurrence are presented and discussed. We found that apart from analyses of the biogas produced, the following parameters are also possible to be implemented: DOC, specific surface area of solids measured before and after the process, and the parameters that are normally used for evaluation of rocks’ maturity and origin, i.e. S1, S2 and HI determined from Rock-Eval analysis, as well as GC-MS analysis of EOM (Extractable Organic Matter) separated from lignite. For the analyses of the EOM’s, relatively high amount of solid is required for measurements, limiting its implementation for continuous operations in practice. It was indicated that measurement of elementary coals’ composition, total organic carbon (TOC) in solids or of pH of the liquid are not applicable parameters for verification of the progress of the lignite biogasification process.
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