Investigation of the frother effect in two and three phases systems on bubble size, surface tension, recovery and grade in chalcopyrite flotation
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Etibakır Murgul Copper Company, Artvin
Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Mines, Mineral Processing Department, Turkey
Publication date: 2021-09-17
Corresponding author
Adnan Ceylan   

Etibakır Murgul Copper Company, Artvin
Physicochem. Probl. Miner. Process. 2021;57(6):23-35
: The effect of frother were investigated in two and three phases in the systems of the flotation. The two phase system consists of liquid and gas, while the three phase system also contains a chalcopyrite ore. The study of three phase system performed with ore in laboratory and plant scale. The amount and type of the frothers and the effect of their mixtures were examined depending on the bubble size, concentrate recovery and grade. Also, pH effect was examined using ore in three phases systems. It has been observed that there is generally a correlation in the tests performed at laboratory and plant scale. As the amount of frothers increased, it was determined that there was a reduction in the bubble size in all experiments. Again, it has been observed that frother mixtures give positive results on chalcopyrite flotation. One of the most important purposes of flotation frothers shrink the air bubble. As can be understood from the tests this time,reduction of the frothers bubble size has a positive effect on the flotation.Likewise,it increases the foam stable value.It is clearly observed that increasing the amount of frothers decreases the surface tension and bubble size at different PH
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