Fluka Monte Carlo simulations on neutron interactions with FeCrP and FeTiP
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Ibrahim Cecen University
Publication date: 2013-06-01
Corresponding author
Turgay Korkut   

Faculty of Science and Art, Department of Physics, Ibrahim Cecen University, 04100, Ağrı, Turkey
Physicochem. Probl. Miner. Process. 2013;49(2):453-462
Andreyivanovite was found in the Kaidun meteorite as individual grains and linear arrays of grains with a maximum dimension of 8 μm within two accumulations of Fe-rich serpentine present in the meteorite. Florenskyite was found as four dispersed grains with a maximum dimension of 14 μm within a single particle of Fe-rich serpentine within the Kaidun meteorite. Their general chemical formulas are FeCrP and FeTiP while stochiometric formulas are Fe0+Cr0.58Fe0+0.15V0+0.1Ti0.08Ni0.06Co0.002P and Fe0+0.98Ni0.13Ti0.85P, respectively. We simulated interactions between these two substances and neutron particles (fusion neutrons by reactors, 241Am-Be and 252Cf neutrons used in many scientific investigations and industrial applications). The FLUKA code was used to calculate such interaction parameters as macroscopic cross sections, neutron fluencies and isotope production. Macroscopic cross sections of andreyivanovite and florenskyite are better than concrete (widely used neutron shielding processes). Also radioactive isotopes produced after neutron interactions with these materials are stable. This information may be useful in space and chemistry investigations.
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