Characterization and concentration of U, Nb, Pb, Ag, and Fe from the Huayangchuan polymetallic ore
Zihu Lv 1,2
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Zhengzhou Institute of Multipurpose Utilization of Mineral Resources CAGS
Key Laboratory for Polymetallic Ores’ Evaluation and Utilization, MNR
Publication date: 2024-04-28
Corresponding author
Zihu Lv   

Zhengzhou Institute of Multipurpose Utilization of Mineral Resources CAGS
Physicochem. Probl. Miner. Process. 2024;60(2):188070
The separation and recovery of valuable metals from the Huayangchuan uranium polymetallic ore was investigated based on mineralogical research and mineral processing experiments. The most promising valuable elements in the ore, according to mineralogical studies, are U, Nb, and Pb. 95.75% of U and 93.00% of Nb are found in betafite, 46.85% of Pb is present in galena, 52.01% of Pb occurs in cerussite, and associated Ag exists primarily in galena. The beneficiation process involving gravity concentration, magnetic separation, and flotation was determined based on the mineralogical characteristics of the ore. The U-Nb concentrate with U grade of 3578 ppm and recovery of 83.18 %, Nb2O5 grade of 4391 ppm and recovery of 74.55 % can be obtained, and five elements including U, Nb, Pb, Ag, and Fe are recovered. Compared with the previous beneficiation experimental process, the flowsheet is greatly simplified and the beneficiation recovery efficiency has been improved. The results of this investigation can help to address the gaps in the processing of low-grade uranium deposits with similar mineralogical properties.
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