Carbon dioxide sequestration during shale gas recovery
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Gdansk University of Technology
Publication date: 2014-01-06
Corresponding author
Andrzej Rogala   

Chemical Technology Department, Chemical Faculty, Gdansk University of Technology, Gdansk, Poland
Physicochem. Probl. Miner. Process. 2014;50(2):681–692
This paper presents literature on theoretical and practical aspects of gas production from shale using carbon dioxide fracturing. Development of technical and environmental aspects of carbon dioxide fracturing technologies is also considered. Patents applicable to carbon dioxide fracturing are reviewed. In this work experiments were also conducted to verify possibility of carbon dioxide sequestration in the shale gas reservoirs. Carbon dioxide and methane (CH4) storage capacity was measured as Langmuir volumes. The adsorption capacities depend on content of organic matter in the shale rocks and pressure. The obtained results indicate that developing of carbon dioxide fracturing is reasonable.