Application of TBP in selective removal of iron (III) in solvent extraction and transport trought polymer inclusion membranes processes
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Czestochowa University of Technology
Wroclaw University of Technology
Warsaw University of Technology
Publication date: 2005-01-01
Physicochem. Probl. Miner. Process. 2005;39(1):89-98
The separation of iron(III) from chloride aqueous solutions containing Mn(II), Ni(II), Co(II) and Cu(II) by solvent extraction and transport through polymer inclusion membranes (PIMs) processes was studied. Tributyl phosphate (TBP) was used as the extractant/ion carrier. Extraction of Fe(III) increased with increasing of extractant concentration in the organic phase. The selective transport of Fe(III) from aqueous chloride source phase through PIM containing cellulose triacatate (CTA) as the support, o-nitrophenyl octyl ether (ONPOE) as the plasticizer and TBP as the ion carrier has been studied. The influence of the ion carrier and plasticizer concentration on the transport metal ions was investigated. The results show that Fe(III) can be separated very effectively from others metal ions. The atomic force microscopy (AFM) was used to obtain images of the pores in cellulose triacetate membranes containing a plasticizer.
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